Delivering exceptional search services and providing sage counsel to mission-driven organizations is our opportunity to create positive impact and share in advancing the greater good. It is our passion, and we excel at it. Operating out of main offices in Boston and San Diego with team members around the country, we are high-touch and decidedly responsive. Our client partners are making strides in higher education, direct services, philanthropy, health, research, policy & advocacy, the arts, and more.


The work you do isn't for the faint of heart, and the challenges you face require true leaders who can chart a path to impact.

We've worked in the social sector and know firsthand the myriad ways in which organizations are asked to do more with less every day. Resource development. Talent retention. Fulfilling and scaling a mission. Resilience in the face of economic uncertainty. Sound familiar?

We get you.  We get the work.  And we've been doing it for decades.